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Access restrictions at Beadnell Bay

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Access restrictions are currently in place in Beadnell Bay to protect breeding shorebirds.

People visiting the coast at Beadnell over the next few weeks should be aware that access along the full length of Beadnell Bay is only possible at low tide. This is to protect the shorebirds that are nesting on the beach. 

At all other times, if you wish to walk south to Newton-by-the-Sea you will need to follow the waymarked route of the Northumberland Coast Path.

National Trust Rangers are on hand to advise people about access along this stretch of the beach but will ask people to turn back if the tide is too high to prevent access along the shore without causing a disturbance to the birds (Pelase note if you have to turn back, you will have to return to the car park, there is no access via the duens or caravan parks to reach the coast path at this point).

We recommend that if you want to walk south from Beadnell to Newton-by-the-Sea that you use the Northumberland Coast Path through the caravan sites, behind the dunes and crossing the Long Nanny Burn at the bridge.

People heading north from Newton-by-the-Sea will be directed through the dunes towards the Coast Path and the Long Nanny Bridge where they can continue north to Beadnell.

Each summer, Arctic and Little Terns return to Beadnell Bay to raise their chicks. Along with Ringed Plovers, these birds nest on the beach in a shallow scrape in the sand. Nesting on the beach makes them very vulnerable to disturbance by beach goers and their dogs. Disturbance is seldom deliberate but it does happen.

Arctic Terns migrate further than any other bird in the world and the birds that are settling at the mouth of the Long Nanny Burn right now have come from as far the South Atlantic Ocean or even The Antarctic!

The National Trust are hoping to have an alternative route through the dunes in place soon but until this is in place, please follow these instructions, signs and the advice from Rangers if you are visiting Beadnell Bay. If you are looking to do a long beach walk it may be better to head for the beaches at Bamburgh or Embleton Bay.

When you are walking through the caravan parks please follow the advice around COVID-19 and follow social-distancing rules. Please keep your dog on a short lead at all times.

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