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Coasteering at Howick Photo: Kevin Anderson

Coasteering is a relatively new activity on the Northumberland coast. Coasteering usually involves a mixture of rock climbing, swimming, scrambling and jumping, all taking place a few metres above or below sea level.

Coasteering is great fun, particularly on a sunny day with blue skies and a few small waves, but should not be underestimated. A sudden change in the weather, tides or swell conditions can turn any trip into a serious undertaking so you should always go with a qualified guide. Proper equipment and, more importantly, detailed knowledge of the environment, first aid and sea conditions are essential for a successful trip.

Qualified guides:

Code of conduct

Much of the Northumberland coast and its wildlife is protected by law from damage and disturbance. These coasteering guides have signed up to a code of conduct, committing to lead activities on the coast with minimal impact to the environment and with respect for wildlife and other users of the coast.

This code of conduct has been developed as a guide for and by the providers of coasteering activities on the Northumberland coast to ensure that:

• The natural environment is protected
• Coasteering does not affect others’ enjoyment of the coast

Safety guidelines for coasteering are provided by the National Water Safety Forum

Download our code of conduct

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