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Good Citizens of Bamburgh!

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About this photo
Isla Morton and her friends completed a beach clean at Bamburgh

Isla Morton, a pupil at Belford Middle School, tells us about her beach clean at Bamburgh

I’m Isla, I’m eleven and I live in Bamburgh. I’m a pupil at Belford Middle School and as part of our community citizenship project, myself and some friends decided to do a beach-clean up.

We wanted to clean a beach because rubbish on the beach doesn’t look good for visitors coming to our area and can be harmful to birds and other wildlife. We decided to clean Bamburgh beach as it is a very popular place for people to visit and it is close to home. So last Saturday, myself , Bradley, Robin and Moe,  headed for the beach armed with gloves and bags to pick up as much litter as possible. We collected a lot - and we had some fun, we also did a short video about our task. But there was still more to do, especially in the dunes, we needed help...

So we decided to get our families involved too and the following day we all headed into the dunes and picked up all of the litter we could find there. We even got into the Mill Burn and pulled out a car tyre and other rubbish from the stream.

In the end, we picked up seven bags of rubbish as well as the car tyre and old nets and a lobster pot that were too big for the bags. It was quite hard work but we did have fun. We were quite disappointed by the amount of litter on the beach, especially as most of it was plastic and if we hadn't picked it up, it could be around forever. We found lots of dog-poo bags full of poo which were disgusting! We can’t understand people who take the time to put the poo in a bag and then throw the bag away, this made us question how bad it could get if people didn’t begin to realise how lazy they were being, and what damage they were doing.

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About this photo
Beach clean at Bamburgh
About this photo
Beach clean at Bamburgh