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Peregrini Lindisfarne Community Archaeology - Update

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Anglo-Saxon Cross Shaft Jessica Turner

There are a couple of things that are predictable in archaeology - dreadful weather and the most remarkable finds turning up in the last couple of days or hours of the excavation.

So whilst the weather over the last week has been unusually glorious, that fabulous find turned up late yesterday, the second to last day of excavation. Volunteers from the HLF Peregrini Community Archaeology project discovered a deeply carved decorated fragment of an Anglo-Saxon cross shaft. Initial tentative analysis of the 30cm long segment suggests it dates from the early 9th century.

The findings from the last four weeks of excavation on the Holy Island Heugh has gone someway to enriching our understanding of the complexity of the majestic heugh. This latest piece of our jigsaw seems to affirm the importance of the Heugh within the Anglo-Saxon landscape.

The segment of cross shaft has been taken away for further analysis and conservation after which it will return to the island for display.

In the meantime we remain indebted to the wonderful band of volunteers for all their hard work and dedication over the last month. And again we'd like to say thank you to all the players of the National Lottery as the funds raised have supported our summer excavation.

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Peregrini Lindisfarne Community Archaeology Volunteers Jessica Turner