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Farming in Protected Landscapes Programme 

The Defra-funded Farming in Protected Landscapes programme runs from 2021 to 2024. Find out more about what the programme can support and how it works. 

Farming in Protected Landscapes

We are currently unable to offer either the Sustainable Development Fund or the Community Environment Project Fund.

The Partnership provided funding for projects between 2005-2020 that helped to care for the area and benefited the people who lived in, worked in and visited it. 

Sustainable Development Fund 

The Sustainable Development Fund supported over 150 projects and awarded just over £650,000 in funding. Many of the projects motivated people to try something new and gave them different opportunities. From willow weaving at Lucker to the ever-popular Forest School at Howick, there have been a wealth of projects that have fired imaginations and helped plant the seed of sustainability.

Application Form

We are unable to take applications at this time. 

Community Environmental Projects Fund 

We are unable to take applications at this time.