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The Inn Collection puts taps on the map for water refill scheme

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Lauren Nutting from the Northumberland Coast AONB Partnership with Julie Scott of The Bamburgh Castle Inn at Seahouses Photo: Claire Thorburn

The Inn Collection Group is tapping into a national water campaign that aims to slash the millions of plastic bottles ending up in the world’s oceans each year. The pub company has pledged its support of Refill by registering each of its inns as refill stations where people can replenish their water bottles free of charge instead of buying new ones.

When it comes to plastic pollution, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the massive global issue that it is and despondent about what’s happening to our oceans and planet. But we can all do our bit to fight plastic pollution right here and now in our communities and in our day-to-day life – for work and for leisure, which is why The Inn Collection Group were inspired to sign up to the Refill scheme.

Refill is a national water campaign that aims to cut the millions of single use plastic bottles ending up the seas and on beaches each year. It works by encouraging people to replenish their water bottles free of charge instead of buying new ones. If just one in 10 people refilled once a week, we’d save around 340 million plastic bottles a year.

It’s become the norm to drink bottled water when we’re ‘on the go’ even though we have some of the safest tap water in the world. Refill has an app that makes it easier for people to fill up their water bottles when they’re out and about by telling them where businesses like our pubs are, so they can ask without feeling embarrassment or that they’re being cheeky - to have their bottles filled with tap water. After all, we’re lucky to have very high-quality drinking water on tap for people to enjoy!

The plastic crisis is a global issue, but we can all take matters into our own hands to make a difference in our own communities to tackle plastic pollution.

The Inn Collection Group’s Water Refill Stations are available in Northumberland at The Lindisfarne Inn near Holy Island, The Bamburgh Castle Inn at Seahouses, The Hog’s Head Inn at Alnwick, The Amble Inn at Amble and the The Commissioners Quay Inn at Blyth.

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