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The picturesque village is overlooked by the massive remains of Warkworth Castle. The castle is the most splendid ruin of its type in Northumberland and has not been extensively restored like the castles of Bamburgh and Alnwick.

The sandy beach is only 1 mile away and you can travel by boat from the castle (or follow a shady path) upstream to the Hermitage, an unusual refuge dug into the face of the bluff by some hermit in the 14th century.

What can I do?

• Explore Warkworth’s rich history:

1. Visit the 13th Century Castle, ancient seat of the Percy family, Earls and Dukes of Northumberland. Can you find out which famous play it has appeared in?
2. Walk over the famous 14th Century Norman bridge and spot wildlife on the River Coquet
3. Look out for 18th and 19th century houses built in grey stone with red roofs.
4. Visit St Lawrence's Church.
5. Take a boat over to Warkworth Hermitage which houses a chapel carved in stone, a confessional and dormitory. Investigate the tragic tale of a knight named Sir Bertram.

• Go birdwatching in the Coquet Estuary, an important migration staging post. Or take a trip around Coquet Island (no landing allowed), which is an important breeding colony for many seabirds. 

• Take a conservation walk.

• Explore the sand dune grassland backing onto Alnmouth Bay – designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. There’s a picnic site too if you fancy taking some lunch along.

Download a Journey Planner for trips around the AONB from Warkworth by bus

What do I need to know?

• There are buses to Warkworth from Newcastle and Alnwick. 


Further information

Warkworth Church

St Lawrence's is one of the finest Norman churches in the country with a long history.

The first church on the site (along with the rest of the village) was given to the Abbot and monks of Lindisfarne in 737AD by King Ceolwulf of Northumbria

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