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Written Word Competition - 12 to 16 years category - Runner Up

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Iain Robson

The Runner Up of the 12-16 years category was Antonia Johnson. Antonia is 14 years old and a pupil at the Duchess Community High School in Alnwick. Antonia confidently read her poem, Warkworth Sands, at our Celebration Concert at Ellingham Hall last Thursday.

Warkworth Sands

A treasure not marked by pirates’ code,

valued by dog walkers and tourists alike,

where a young child walks on velvet shores,

beachcombing before she knows the word.

Years later, she returns to find her jewels

now buried beneath the northern sand;

sceptical gannets watch from the strongholds

that nature forged with delicate hands.

As dusk falls, the girl abandons her pride

to reclaim the childhood shells she lost.


The judges said that Antonia's poem contained their favourite line of the whole competition: 'beachcombing before she knew the word'.

Well done Antonia!