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Written Word Competition - 7 to 11 years category - Winner

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Iain Robson

Scarlett Hodgson was the winner of the 7-11 years category. Scarlett is 10 years old and a pupil at Ralph Butterfield School in York. She made the journey north to be at our Celebration Concert at Ellingham Hall last Thursday. She confidently read her beautiful poem to a captive audience.

Beadnell Bay

The wind drifts the sharp salty smell of the sea

Mingling with the tang of vinegar on fish and chips


People in the water splashing, ducking under waves

Birds diving, arrows to targets


Seagulls riding the wind with outstretched wings

Children laugh and run with sand between their toes


Feet sinking into shapeshifting grains

Silky sand glistening in the bright sun


The judges said that Scarlett's poem had a great descriptive quality to it, picking out a couple of exceptional phrases that stood out for them: "arrows to targets" and "shapeshifting grains".  

Well done Scarlett!